What should be on my hiking checklist

What should be on my hiking checklist?


There are many natural attractions in Maros county that can be reached only on foot. Hiking enthusiasts have at their disposal several marked tourist trails, on which they can reach picturesque mountain peaks through dense forests. Before you try hiking, you should know what to bring with you on a hiking day. What equipment is essential, and what possible dangers should you expect on your way?

First of all, let’s choose a suitable backpack for the tour! If you plan only a one-day tour, a backpack of 15-35 liter capacity will be enough, while for 2-3 days you would need a larger one, 40-60 liters, because you have to pack a tent, sleeping bag and insulation. The perfect hiking backpack is comfortable, light, well padded, has many compartments, fits the size of the wearer, and has adjustable straps. In any case, you should try it before you leave for real: you have to test your backpack to see if it is really comfortable for you, in the same way as with hiking boots.

Be sure to check the weather conditions and gather all the information about the route before the planned time of the tour. Whether you get information from guidebooks or from experienced hikers who know the route, you have to find out how difficult the slopes are, and whether there is water along the way where you can fill up your bottles if necessary, and what possible dangers may arise along the way. 

Make a list of the things you want to take. Then run through this list several times! Give time to yourself for contemplating the items, and complete your list if necessary.

Apart from your backpack, the other most important accessory is the footwear. Your boots or hiking shoes should be comfortable, light, waterproof, have good grip and good ventilation. Always have a spare pair of socks with you, even if you only go on a one-day trip. The hiking socks should also be comfortable, well-ventilated pieces.

Your hiking pants should be long, light, they can also be waterproof, and if possible, choose pants whose legs can be unzipped, so that they can be turned into shorts. Choose t-shirts that are made of synthetic material because they dry quickly, they are comfortable and light. You should also pack warm clothes, for example a polar fleece jacket. A raincoat, a hat, maybe a hiking scarf completes your equipment.

You will also need a printed map of the area, a compass, a phone with a GPS app, a first aid kit, and possibly an external battery, and a fire source. Since you are going to the mountains in Mures county, don’t leave your whistle and bear spray at home either. Bring a headlamp, even if you don’t plan to stay for the night! It might be useful in case something happens. 

When packing food, choose items rich in protein and carbohydrates, which are neither too sweet nor too salty. You can pack a few sandwiches, bananas, dried fruits, and some muesli slices. If you plan to stay for several days, you can also take a kettle, instant soups, and canned goods. Count on at least 2 liters of water per day, depending on whether there is a safe water source on site. 

When you prepare everything you want to take, pack it in such a way that the most frequently used and most important items (food, water, phone) are kept in a place where you can reach them immediately. Use all external and internal pockets as effectively as possible, and try to ensure that the backpack is balanced.

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