Six Warning Signs That It Is Time To Replace Your Existing Windows

Six Warning Signs That It Is Time To Replace Your Existing Windows
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Your home’s exterior windows are subject to temperature extremes which can lead to drafty windows. The following article helps you spot the signs of worn out windows. If your windows are exhibiting any of the signs listed below, they should be replaced.

During temperature extremes, one of the most common indicators of faulty windows is condensation on the inside of your windows. This condensation occurs when the warm interior air comes in contact with the cold air from the outside. Additionally, you may notice that frost buildup on the interior and exterior of your windows. This occurs because air is leaking around the window causing moisture to draw on the window panes. When either of these occur, you need to replace your windows.

Another way to see if your windows need to be replaced is to touch your windows. During the winter, your interior window pane should be warm to the touch; likewise, during the summer the window pane should be cool to the touch. If the opposite is true, your windows should be replaced. This transference of temperature is one of the primary indicators that your windows have become faulty.

Drafty windows are another common complaint of homeowners with worn out windows. Drafty windows cause your heating and cooling costs to rise; thus, replacing your windows will help save you on your heating and cooling bills. To check and see if your windows are letting outside air in strike a match and place it near your windows. If the flame sputters or flickers, your windows have a leak and should be replaced.

One of the best times to check to see if your windows need to be replaced is during the colder months. During a cold day, sit next to a window and see if it feels cooler there than away from the window. If you notice a marked coolness, you should consider replacing your windows. Double pane windows have a layer of insulating air between the panes, helping to prevent loss of heat around your windows; so, opt for this option when replacing your current windows.

As windows age, the caulk and trim will show damage. You should inspect the exterior of your windows twice a year. During this inspection, look for any mold or mildew, rotting trim or missing trim. This visual inspection also allows you the chance to correct any problems before they get out of control. If you do notice cracking caulk, take a razor blade and scrape away the old caulk and re-caulk your windows to help keep your windows from leaking air.

If you have any broken, cracked or chipped glass, your windows should immediately be replaced. When double pane windows get cracked or broken, they are no better than a single piece of glass. The air that is between the two panes of glass adds an insulating layer of protection between the window and the outdoors.

By keeping an eye on your windows, you can help keep your heating and cooling costs down. When purchasing new windows, purchase the best windows that your budget will allow. In the long run, your pocketbook will thank you.

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