What are paid membership sites ?

What are paid membership sites ?

Paid Membership Websites have become a popular way of monetizing content on the net. There are lots of diverse models for Paid Membership websites, but they generally work much the exact same way.

For the purposes of the program, we can specify a Paid Membership Site as, a website that gives paying members with access to exclusive articles for solutions, typically through premium articles, drip downloads and content.

Exactly what version would you use for your Paid Membership Site, will be dependent on the sort of service you provide, and what you would like to sell. The plug-ins I will feature in this class work nicely to encourage the three most frequent kinds of Paid Membership websites.

This could be a website for a club or organization that wishes to take its membership management process on the web. The following type is, the Overall Site. Here, paid memberships, provide you access to limited content either posts, or the press, or downloads. This may be anything from a magazine or newspaper, to a club or organization that offers exclusive materials to their members.

The final sort of website, which I call App or a program Website, is a kind I will build in this program, since it has the most features. Here we get the very same features as the overall Site, in addition to the inclusion of so called trickle articles, meaning, when a member signs up, they get incremental access to articles, dripped out within a specific length of time, much like a program or a program.

With all these versions, you may opt to offer one, or several levels of membership, with unique perks and levels of accessibility. Based on the kind of company you operate, any one of those models may match, or maybe you have an entirely distinctive model all of your own.

Based on the kind of company you operate and the sort of site you are creating, your needs will change. Mapping out these requirements ahead of time will make it easier to find the suitable solution for your website, and will also help in management and planning later on.

For instance, I am building a website for a fictional, personal, and professional development firm with a website called The New You.

We need the capability to produce multiple membership levels. We are in need of an alternative for recurring payments, so when people sign up they do not need to remember to keep paying monthly, it will only happen automatically until they unsubscribe.

We will need to have the ability to limit both content and downloads for various subscription levels. And lastly, we want support for trickle content. This listing not only fits my case site, but it is a fairly exhaustive list of the kinds of features needed by many paid membership websites whatever model they employ.

Moving forward in the program, I have created a demo site full of content that resides on my computer, and over the upcoming articles from WordPress tutorials,  I’ll convert the site to a membership site using two unique plug-ins.

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