Incredible evidence showing that Stalin died poisoned

Incredible evidence showing that Stalin died poisoned

Stalin died at the age of 74, on March 5, 1953 at his residence near Moscow. Russian officials gave a statement saying that Stalin suffered a concussion of the brain, after which he died. Rumors began to appear, especially among russian officials.

Was talking more strongly about a plot planned by Beria, the head of the russian secret services. On the evening of February 28, 1953, Stalin called in his office the most important political leaders, including Beria, and talks with them until 4am. Stalin’s relatives were anxious the next day, when they saw that Stalin is not coming out of his bedroom. With the prohibition to enter the bedroom, his bodyguard, waited until 23 o’clock, when they forced the bedroom door.

They discovered Stalin on the floor, unable to speak, but was conscious. Doctors were needed, but no representative of power did not want to take this. Beria was searched for hours, until he was found and brought to Stalin’s residence.

Beria established that Stalin sleeps and doesn’t need doctors. Stalin remained alone all night, paralyzed, until the next day when doctors were contactated. Beria considered himself the Stalin’s successor and was acting like it. Svetlana, Stalin’s daughter remembers that her father was unconscious, but had a moment in which he stared at the assistance and made a desperate gesture with his left hand, as if he wanted to show something.

Stalin died and Khrushchev succeeded him. Beria was shot on June 25, accused of attempt to Stalin’s life. Stalin had two official wives . The first was called Ekaterina and died four years after marriage, of typhus. After his wife’s death ordered that all her family to be executed.

Ekaterina son, Yakov, from a previous relationship, was captured in 1941 by the Nazis. Stalin refused to save him, by not accepting a prisoner exchange with the germans. Stalin then said that he does not have children and can not accept the exchange of prisoners.

Yakov was found dead in a concentration camp in Germany. It is not known if it was suicide or was murdered. The second wife of Stalin was Nadejda, who committed suicide. She left a note showing the hard life she had along Stalin. They had two children. The boy, named Vassili, died in 1962. He was an alcoholic. Stalin’s daughter was named Svetlana . She fell in love with a russian director of hebrew origin, 24 years older than her.

Stalin sent him in the russian gulag. Svetlana emigrated to America, having abandoned her two children in Russia. One of the children was the result of the relationship with the russian director. The children have disowned their mother for asking political asylum in the US, and found her,  same as the russian regime, traitress of the country. In 2005, a prominent russian historian, brought clear evidence that Stalin died poisoned.

It is known that Stalin had a lookalike who had replaced him whenever needed. The public appearances were for the lookalike, Stalin preferring to stay withdrew, away from the people. He feared that he would be assassinated.

The documents presented show that Stalin was poisoned in secret, in his apartment in Moscow, and the person who was dying until March 5 was actually his lookalike, who died by poisoning. Historians speak of a fierce struggle for power that some groups led. Beria, one of the pretenders to the power lost, being executed. Russia began a new stage in the building of communism.

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